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How is your valuable time spent?

Are you spending more time on your company's record-keeping than on your company's growth?

Outsourcing your bookkeeping is an inexpensive and effective way to free your time for focusing on the business matters that need your attention.



Risk areas in your business

Do you have potential risk areas in your business?

arrow Is the person who handles your cash also responsible for recording cash?
arrow Are two or fewer people responsible for the accounting function?
arrow Is only one person responsible for reviewing financial statements each month?
arrow Is your review of financial journals, including bank reconciliations, sporadic vs. monthly?
arrow Does the person who writes the checks have authority to sign the checks?
arrow Are you too busy to open your bank statement prior to handing it over to someone else for reconciling?

A "Yes" answer to any of these questions identifies a potential risk! Improved internal control can reveal errors and omissions, discourage employee theft and protect your assets.